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Genetec is helping transit authorities speed up investigations

Genetec is helping transit authorities speed up investigations

Genetec is helping transit authorities speed up investigations

MONTRÉAL – Genetec announced that its Genetec Clearance digital evidence management system will now enable the remote retrieval of video recordings from physical security systems across transit agency sites and fleets to help speed up investigations.

This is thanks to the integration of Clearance with the Genetec Security Center Fleet Monitoring module. Using a browser-based system, agencies can now link all their on-board and landside data into a unified solution to manage evidence and streamline the sharing of recordings with internal departments and external partners according to Genetec.

“Transit security teams have the complex duty of managing highly distributed operations to ensure the safety of commuters and transit employees day in and day out,” said Erick Ceresato Product Group Director, Genetec Inc. “By automating the steps involved to fulfill video requests, and reducing the time it takes to deliver video evidence to reviewers, Genetec solutions free up security teams to focus on mission-critical activities. Having a unified security environment across stations and vehicle fleets opens the door to this kind of efficiency and removes bottlenecks that have traditionally impeded access to this data.”

Genetec noted that transit security teams devote considerable time and resources to assist with requests from their legal and claims departments, law enforcement agencies, and parties that require access to video recordings captured by their camera systems, and that many of these requests are still often delivered on physical media, adding to the cost and delay of the process.

Internal departments and external parties can now request recordings from station cameras and on-board systems from a web browser, and review video from the same application. Exports from on-board systems include vehicle telematic data, which can be reviewed alongside video uploads.

Genetec Clearance integration with the Fleet Monitoring module will be available globally in October 2023. For more information please visit


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